Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ultimate Recipe Swap: Breakfast: Potato-Asparagus Omelet

It's Thursday! It's time for another Ultimate Recipe Swap hosted by Life As Mom. This week's theme is Breakfast!

I'm terrible at making breakfast. I think the reason I am terrible, is because growing up, I never saw it being prepared. Now, I don't mean that my parents never cooked breakfast. Oh, they did. But I HATED breakfast food (even cereal) as a kid/teen and I usually hid in my room until everything was cooked, eaten and cleaned up before making my way downstairs on the weekends! If I was lucky, Dad forgot to save me a plate of eggs! (Sometimes, I wasn't so lucky...blech!)

So, while I watched other meals being prepared, I never watched to learn how to fry an egg or cook bacon or make a pancake.

My tastes have changed a lot since then. I like most breakfast foods now and can even cook some. To this day, I've never made a single pancake! French toast or scrambled eggs are more my speed!

A couple of years ago, I wanted to make my husband a nice Easter Sunday breakfast before traveling to visit my parents. I wanted something a little fancier than just scrambled eggs. I don't have exact measurements, because really, anything goes with this one!

Potato-Asparagus Omelet

  • O'brien potatoes (frozen)
  • oil
  • eggs
  • milk
  • leftover asparagus (chopped)
  • Canadian Bacon (diced)


  • Cook Canadian Bacon until slightly browned, remove from pan, set aside.
  • Cook O'brien potatoes in hot oil according to directions on package.
  • Add Canadian bacon and asparagus to potatoes and heat until asparagus is warmed.
  • Scramble eggs and milk and pour over potato mixture.
  • Cook until eggs are done.


  • Cheese would be a good addition to the recipe.
  • This can be "chopped up" as the eggs are cooking or left solid more like and omelet.
  • Leftover asparagus works best, since it's already cooked. If you don't have leftover asparagus, be sure to steam the asparagus before adding to the potato mixture. Otherwise, they'll take too long to cook with the other ingredients.

I've made this a few times since that first time and have switched it up according to the ingredients on hand. Sometimes with the meat, sometimes without. Sometimes without the potatoes. Whatever. Just throw in what you have, throw in what you like!


  1. this sounds really good! we love the combo of ham/asparagus.

    you should try pancakes... or waffles... one of these days :)

  2. GREAT!!! omelet. I make omelets for dinner about once a month and this sounds GREAT!!! for an omelet dinner.